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Whitening Series

Refuse black spot, I just want to be snow white!

1. Reduce lighting damage
Under the scorching sun, reduce the damage created by this UV radiation is extremely important. Ferulic acid can effectively absorb UVB from sunlight and reduce melanin formation.

2. Strengthen whitening
MeO Vitamin B3 Serum is able to increase metabolism and reduce melanin formation in the early stage. MeO Vitamin C+E can block formation of melanin and reduce black spot, help your skin become white and shine.

3. Lightening dark spot
Alpha-arbutin can lighten hyper-pigmentation and enhance whitening effect.

4. Revitilized skin cell
MeO Vit. A+ E serum can enhance collagen and elastic fiber, revitalized skin cell, increases the metabolize of our epidermis.