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Dr. Chen, Jivn- Ren

Dr. J. R. Chen is the original patent owner of L-Ascorbic acid, Vitamin C in the world. He has been researched extensively on the stability, concentration and penetrations capability of the product; He also devolved himself into the researchofsepti-care products andhas been developing new and effective health-care products ever since.

Dr. Chen’s professional insist
Dr.Chen insist that a cosmeceutical product must have Effectiveness, Stability, Concentration, Penetration and Safety. Cosmeceuticals are very different from make-up and general skin care product, because they are:

  1. made from nature, non chemical synthesis
  2. not medicine, but have function like medicine
  3. Penetrate fast, safe and no side effect
  4. manufacture by FDA registered cGMP factory to ensure security and stability.
  5. using ATeDS to improve skin immunity and regenerate cells and skin
  6. Clear label of all the information contains manufacture date, expire dare and ingredients.

Dr. Chen’s Experience

  • Honorary president of Chinese Medical Cometology Association
  • Founder of Sage Phanrmaceuticals Inc.
  • Patent Owner of the world of L-Asorbic acid Vitamin C
  • Former Seniormanager of development in BOOT’s
  • Former Senior manager of development in Bristol Meyers USA