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Sensitive Skin Series

Say good bye to sensitive skin, be a true beauty queen.

1. Calm and comfort
Aloe can help skin recharge water, maintain skin balance and reduce discomfort caused by sensitive skin.

2. Enhance immunity
MeO Vitamin C+ E can eliminate the damages that created by free radical, enhance skin immunity.

3. Improvement
Vitamin K1+ E can strength rigidity and flexibility of blood capillaries. It helps solving problems caused by sensitive skin.

4. Repair and protect
Anhydrate Hyaluronic acid reinforces water and provides moisture to our skin. Vitamin B5 aids epidermal tissue formation, increases the volume of hyaluronic acid to keep skin healthy.

5. Regain elastic
CoQ10 can eliminate the free radical, maintain integration and stability of cell membrane to regain gloss and elasticity of skin.