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Lisa Huang overheard a 17 years old girl was hit by a falling electrical tower and had severer burnt injuries with unconvertible wounds. As a mother, Lisa Huang sympathized this little girl’s situation. She decided to try her best to help this girl. She contacted her friend Dr. JR Chen, who is a famous Pharmaceutical Scientist in USA. Dr. Chen initiated a series of medical treatments for this young girl. Due to the effectiveness of his Cosmeceutical and medical knowledge, the treatments were very efficient and the girl had recovered fully within a short period of time. “Ordinary, Braveness, Love” Lisa Huang was amazed by the effectiveness of cosmeceutical products and has decided to delicate her career into this field. Hence a brand called MeO is formed. It is not only a brand of cosmetic, but most importantly, it is a dream that this brand could bring confidence, braveness, and love to those who needed it.