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Basic Maintain Series

MeO Basic Maintain Series is designed for everyone and any skin, and suitable for all age group. It is natural, mild, anti-allergic skin care product that takes care of your skin and your friends and families around you.

1. Mild Cleaning
We suggest using cleanser that is not containing oil and fragment. Mild cleaning does not irritate skin; it reduces lost of water and dryness.

2. Deep Recuperating
Stabilized, and sooth the uncomfortable skin, balance oil and astringe sweat pores.

3. Water Replenishing
When skin lacks of water, it will become sensitive and uncomfortable. Hence water replenishing is the most important in basic maintaining. As skin absorbs enough water, it becomes healthy and shiny.

4. Enhance Protection
Doing a good job in sun protection will give skin a better basic maintaining level. We suggest the physical sun protection method over other sun protection method; it will not only isolate UV, dirt and make-ups, but also cause no irritation to skin.